Enter curious. Leave BIMspired.

Choose from 17 workshops held over 4 sessions
Our workshops will focus on a range of subjects from hands on VR/AR demonstrations to deep dives in BIMobject® solutions. Each workshop is designed to give you hands-on instruction and insight on key topics, taught by industry experts and the BIMobject® team. The workshops are an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with our solutions and discover growth areas for your business with BIMobject®.

Virtual Reality experience

Who: Marek Kozlak
When: 09:15, 10:45, 13:00, 14:15

Wearing a VR device for the first time is an exhilarating experience. In this workshop you get to try our new VR solutions and we explore how the can benefit your business. VR technology opens up a vast array of possibilities for you to bring your products to life in the environment of your choice.

With virtual showrooms you can communicate the value of your products in new ways, online as well as on site and VR technology enables designers and distributors to cooperate in new ways.

We will showcase how you can create experiences for you to share with your distribution channels and markets, leveraging your existing BIMobject Cloud content.

Augmented Reality experience 

Who: Christopher Sjögren
When: 09:15, 10:45, 13:00, 14:15

Once you’ve experienced wearing an AR device for the first time you’ll be bubbling with new ideas of how you can use this tool to uniquely showcase your products.

AR enables you to see products in their real life environment, allowing your customers to effortlessly preview your catalogue in their intended setting. Virtual showrooms are able to augment the current vignettes you may be spending large sums of money to build and keep constantly updated. In AR, designers and distributors are able to change finishes, fixtures, as they wish. It’s as close to reality as you can get, while saving you the costs of production, logistics and installation.

We can help you create experiences for you to share with your distribution channels and markets, leveraging your existing BIMobject Cloud content.

BIManalytics Core

Who: Alexander Montell
When: 09:15, 10:45, 13:00, 14:15

What if you knew exactly who downloads your product and where this specifier works and operates?

Using BIManalytics Core this is possible. At this seminar we will show you examples of how to drive sales and close deals using BIManalytics Core.

We also explore and discuss the new BIMobject solutions, such as BIMsupply, and how these tools can be used to support lead generation with BIManalytics Core - giving manufacturers more power in the building process of BIM.

3D printing

Who: Patrik Vingagård
When: 09:15, 10:45, 13:00, 14:15

In this workshop you get to visit our 3D printing lab, and see how we do research today and how we use this technology to educate and inform.

We will explore how this technology might benefit your company today or in the future, for example working with models in different level of details or maybe even to produce fully detailed spare parts.

BIMobject Apps

Who: Laura Pavesi
When: 09:15, 13:00

Learn more about the power of the BIMobject® Apps and how you as building product manufacturer can leverage them.

All our apps integrate the BIMobject® Cloud directly into the designers' software of choice, so that they can browse, filter and download BIM objects to projects without switching between windows.

In this workshop we explore the apps, and how to make sure that your BIM object data and geometry are up-to-date. We look into how how you can add external properties, classifications, be more visible and discover all the brand new features that connect you with the designers and their projects through BIMsupply® and Spitfire.

Integrated Inbound marketing

Who: Peter Markenvard
When: 09:15, 13:00

Join us in an exploration of the evolution of marketing - from the good old outbound strategies, via the more modern approach of Inbound Marketing, to what we like to call the marketing of the future: Integrated Inbound Marketing.

We investigate the different advantages of Integrated Marketing and we will show how to use them to gain market share and build your brand. Learn how to navigate the new landscape of digital marketing, and how to become a valued and trusted partner for your clients.

Product Sites

Who: Johan Dyrssen
When: 09:15, 13:00

Here we will explore how you can leverage A BIMobject® Product Site is a microsite for building and interior product manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to create and maintain their own digital product catalogue on their own website, focusing on BIM objects.

BIMobject Product Sites can be tailored to each manufacturer's needs, with an individual look, and can be embedded into any web environment.

SpitFire Business matching

Who: Johannes Reischböck
When: 09:15, 14:15

In this workshop we introduce the real power and potential of the BIMobject platform, which is connecting people to projects, helping manufacturers and suppliers find and connect with the indirect and direct influencers who specify and buy building products.

The Spitfire options do not only serve to help manufacturers follow their products from design to specification, empowering them to collaborate with the complete building team through the project lifecycle, but also give you access to valuable, qualitative and actionable data.

Spitfire is a world class project collaboration platform at the point of the decision making process, where manufacturers have direct exposure of their products to the building industry - increasing the sales of their products.

BIMobject Mosquito

Who: Ben O'Donnell
When: 09:15

Are you a Building Material Manufacturer? Then we have the perfect tool for you! BIMobject® Mosquito is an online BIM content creation tool for system components. 

Examples of system components are Walls, Floors, ceilings and roofs. BIMobject® Mosquito helps you create system components that assist Architects and designers with their design intent.

Design intent content is needed in the building design process for energy calculations and early design BOM (Bill of Materials). Mosquito is material based, giving you the ability to add material properties like sound ratings and such via the BIMobject® Properties tool.

BIMobject API

Who: Gábor Horváth
When: 09:15, 13:00

Isolated platforms belong to the past - today connectivity is the key to reaching and keeping users and clients.

Are you a CAD vendor and need direct connection to downloadable content? Then you need our App API, so you can embed to your CAD system.

Are you a manufacturer having a PIM system and want to update product information directly on our portal? Or just want to create a custom solution by using our portal as a source?

Then our product API is the way to go. We are opening up more and more possibilities so our platform can be used as a single source of truth in any application, maintaining data, or even generating downloadable content without manual work.

BIMobject Properties

Who: Matthew Jackson
When: 10:45, 14:15

Data is probably one of the most important parts of the BIM workflow. Building Information Modelling has become Building Information Management.

How do we better control the data of objects both inside and outside of the object? BIMobject Properties is an amazing tool which allows Data On Demand and the Single Source of Truth. It is a key component to both the manufacturers and the users when it comes to accurate information during the BIM workflow.

But how does it work? What are the advantages? Why does BIMobject believe this is the only way data should be handled? How does this help you deliver regional requirements such as COBie?

During this session we explore this, and we will also be talking about standards of data and languages. How do we deal with language differences in objects? We will use real life examples and case studies to show why Properties are so important and why you need to be part of the conversation.


Who: Yasser Khan
When: 13:00, 14:15

In this workshop you will learn how to upload, manage and navigate your models in the cloud using our collaborative 3D/VR viewing and communication platform. You will learn more about:

What tools available for navigating and surveying models using nothing more than a web browser and our platform.

How to locate products within a project and access manufacture specific and BIMobject® product data.

How multiple users can communicate and view a model in real time.- The differences between an ‘Open’ and ‘Project’ Space.

The benefit of integrating Spaces into BIMobject® product pages providing a virtual BIM platform to preview and explore products before downloading.

The need for expensive and specialist software to simply view BIM files and projects is now history. BIMsupply® Spaces is the future.

Business intelligence

Who: Stefan Larsson
When: 10:45, 14:15

In this workshop you will meet the founder and CEO of BIMobject that will take you on a journey of business intelligence and big data.

Stefan will showcase how manufacturers can benefit from knowledge about what users are viewing, searching, downloading and very soon specifying. An increasing amount of information about how products are sourced, configured and used in projects will be available as well as project information.

How can Manufacturers use this information and knowledge to drive their business? What does big data and business intelligence mean? These are a few of the questions that this workshop will revolve around.

BIMobject® Hercules

Who: Matthew Jackson
When: 13:00

The BIMobject® technology is constantly evolving and has found use beyond that of BPMs. This workshop will reveal the outline of BIMobject® Hercules, a solution that has successfully been delivered to governments and big corporate clients.

What does this means for manufacturers who are on How will major projects be using the existing content?

Hercules is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud based Content Management System for Digital Construction. The content is a mix of geometric, structured and unstructured data and the solution provides a means of creating and storing this to specific client and project requirements.

BIMscript® and LENA

Who: Ben O'Donnell
When: 10:45

Integrated Platforms and power hubs of the internet have changed the way we create digital content. BIM content creation has evolved rapidly over the last 5 years, and BIMobject has been a major driver of this evolution.

With our BIMscript® and LENA technology we give manufacturers and third party content developers a unique opportunity to create their own BIM content.

BIMscript® and LENA are integrated in the BIMobject platform, which gives you as a Manufacturer complete control over your BIM content and all of the information related to BIM content. When creating BIM content with BIMobject’s integrated BIM content creation tools, you can either use your existing mechanical CAD content or create it from 2D drawings.

Developed for both Rhino 3D and Autodesk’s Fusion 360, it gives manufacturers the freedom of choice for their BIM content creation.Hercules is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud based Content Management System for Digital Construction.

The content is a mix of geometric, structured and unstructured data and the solution provides a means of creating and storing this to specific client and project requirements.

Marketing Campaigns

Who: Peter Markenvard
When: 10:45, 14:15

BIMobject® Marketing Campaign opens up new and exciting channels where marketers can  engage and communicate with the exact right target audience, at the exact right time.

The solution provides an efficient way to drive more traffic and increase consumer interest for brands and allows manufacturers’ marketing teams to create interactive, simple and structured processes for digital marketing campaigns.

BIMobject® Marketing Campaigns offer an opportunity for inbound marketing, where all efforts are directed to add value for professional BIM users. In this workshop we will focus on how you can streamline and optimise your marketing efforts to maximise your use of the BIMobject® Cloud.

BIMobject® and Google

Who: Johan Dyrssen
When: 10:45, 14:15

An important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is making your website easy for users and search engine robots to understand.

Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they still can't see and understand web pages the same way a human can.SEO helps the search engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users.

In this workshop we will go through tips and tricks on how to optimize your product information, so that users can find your products easier.